Xbox One release date narrowed to ‘late November’

The launch window for the Xbox One was mentioned in the terms & conditions of a PepsiCo competition, who has partnered with Microsoft to give away “thousands” of Xbox One consoles this autumn.
XboxOne_Reserve_Boxshot_Leftangle_RGBents may be slightly delayed; please allow 12-14 weeks for delivery”.“Xbox One has [a] targeted launch date of late November 2013,” reads the competition’s terms, “therefore, the initial shipments may be slightly delayed; please allow 12-14 weeks for delivery”.

Microsoft announced their partnership with PepsiCo earlier this year, which saw “limited edition” Doritos and Mountain Dew products branded with the Xbox One logo.
The ‘late November’ date suggests Microsoft could be preparing itself to go head-to-head with Sony’s PlayStation 4,  which launches in the US on November 15 and in the UK on November 29. At this moment in time, Microsoft have only confirmed the November launch window for the Xbox One.

Pre-orders for the Xbox One console are still available, but expected to sell out soon.

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