Dark Souls II Knight Stops London Traffic


Want to get good publicity for your game, while completely confusing and intriguing the poor folks of London (who already have more than enough on their plate, driving in that place)? Here’s how you do it: take the main character and have him walk around near busy places. That’s exactly what happened here with Dark Souls II and its Knight.

Yes, one of the most difficult games around just took another challenge… and won. Outside the Eurogamer Expo, the Dark Souls II knight was let free, probably while there was a red light. No need to take unnecessary risks until you’re fully ready for them. The Knight took on double-decker buses, taxis and more in the hopes of getting to the Expo, and I’m happy to report that it seems he made it there safely. No need to retry.


I almost wish that this wasn’t a publicity stunt for Dark Souls II – which comes out next March – and that it was just a guy in a knight costume holding up traffic. That sort of thing would go down super well in London, I promise.

The Knight will be at the Eurogamer Expo for the whole weekend, so, if you’re at the event and are brave enough, try and track him down. If you’re not brave enough, it might be worth taking the tube until the event is over.

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