Grand Theft Auto 5: Will It Live Up To The Hype?

As soon as Grand Theft Auto 5 was announced a huge amount of hype and excitement quickly built up surrounding the game. I’ve never really enjoyed the Grand Theft Auto series myself but even I’m really quite excited for the newest installment in the series, of all the games I’ve seen that have generated this much hype I believe that this could be one of the few games that will actually live up to the hype. From all the footage I’ve seen so far and peoples reactions to the game Grand Theft Auto 5 has a lot going for it.

To start with it seems like Rockstar have listened to a lot of the feedback they got from the previous game and taken it all into consideration for Grand Theft Auto 5 to try and please those who were a little disappointed by the previous game. The game is set in the fictional city of Los Santos which was a fan favorite from one of the previous games Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and also features the return of customizable cars which was one of the larger things that disappointed a lot fans in the previous game. The gameplay has also been tweaked in Grand Theft Auto to ensure that everything runs as quickly and as fluid as possible. For example all of the weapons are now available via one easy to use wheel just like the one featured in Red Dead Redemption. The driving has also been improved in Grand Theft Auto 5. Each type of car now feels and behaves different to any other car in the game. Each of these new tweaks will make the exploring the city more interesting and it will also be easier for any new players to get to grips with the game.

3D impression of Grand Theft Auto V

3D impression of Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto 5 has 3 playable characters that have interwoven storylines throughout the game. The player can switch freely between each of these 3 characters as they play through the main story missions and also when they are out exploring the city. This allows each player to experience the game in a different way to other players may also cause players to want to play through the game multiple times to experience each mission from all of the different points of view available. The missions also have different ways for the player to complete them giving the player more freedom.

When the main story missions are finished each of the characters carry on as they were at the end of the mission or carry on with their own lives, this helps bring each character to life better and makes them seem more like actual people instead of just characters that tag along to help during each mission. Each of the characters can be customized with new clothes, haircuts and tattoo’s with any money the player earns during each mission.

The multiplayer portion of the game has had a lot more features added to it in Grand Theft Auto 5 and allows the player to buy houses to show off to their friends and also allows the player to have show off any cars they have customized in their garage where their cars can be stored. The multiplayer also includes co-op activities for players to complete as well as the normal competitive multiplayer modes.  Players can also customize their online character to make them stand out in the crowd when playing online and with friends.

In my own opinion Grand Theft Auto 5 is a great improvement over the previous game and has been made more accessible to people who may not have played any of the Grand Theft Auto games before. From all of these things I’ve heard from multiple different hands on videos I’ve watched on YouTube and the reactions of the people who have been able to play the game before it is released Grand Theft Auto 5 has a lot of potential and in my opinion could quite easily live up to the hype that is surrounding it and become one of the top games of this year. With the new addition of 3 playable characters encouraging multiple playthroughs of the game and giving the player multiple ways to complete each mission, the new activities available in both the multiplayer and singleplayer portions of the game and the overall tweaks to the gameplay Grand Theft Auto 5 is definitely one of this years games to watch.

On a little side note I’m also looking forward to seeing how much controversy this game causes in the media when it’s released

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