GTA 5 Latest Information!

If you have been living under a rock for the past few months then you need to open up your eyes and see that GTA 5 is going to be a very promising title! In case you haven’t been up to date, I’m going to fill you in with some of the latest GTA 5 news…

Even if you haven’t been under a rock it’s hard to keep up with all the news regarding this prime title known as Grand Theft Auto 5, which will be released on September 17, 2013. So what’s is the latest news?


Official in-game screenshot from Rockstar Games

  • GTA 5 will feature not 2, not 5, but 15 different species of animals

Now we don’t have too much information regarding how you will be able to interact with these animals, but I’m sure Rockstar won’t disappoint considering they took the time to add 15 different types. I’ve played animal breeding games that have had less variety. Apparently you will have the ability to customize your dog though which should be enjoyable. I mean customizing dogs is my second favorite thing to do, right behind robbing banks. In all seriousness I look forward to seeing all this animal goodness.

  • GTA 5′s voice acting for gang members were done by real gang members

Grand Theft Auto does a great job at being an authentic game, especially now that their voice acting for gang members was done by real gang members. GTA 5 producer known as Lazlow Jones can take it from here.

“When we record all these ambient characters that are in the world we go towards authenticity. So in the game, part of the element of the story is that there’s these gangs, these rival gangs.”

I don’t know about you but I love the fact that they take the time to make sure they have every detail right, including gang voices.

Here is a summary of some of the other features you may want to know about:

  • There will be all kinds of multiplayer missions including some that involve all 16 players
  • You have the ability to take a shower in your apartment (Ain’t nobody got time for dat!)
  • You can ‘Make it Rain’ while in a strip club, you also have the ability to touch the girls if your into messing around with digital chicks
  • You have the ability to use a debit car and even deposit money through ATM’s
  • You can equip masks and glasses through your inventory to disguise yourself before shooting up a joint
  • You can watch movies at the local movie theaters
  • Enjoy playing golf to let out some steam in-between missions? Your in luck because there is a 18-hole golf course
  • You can even drive a train! Choo chooo
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