Japanese Retailer Selling Old 3G/Wi-Fi PS Vita for Less Than 50 bucks For a (Very) Limited Time

While Sony plans to sell the old 3G/Wi-Fi PCH-1000 PS Vita at least for a while longer on the side of the new PCH-2000, it seems that at least one retailer in Japan is working on selling some old inventory.

The Japanese tech retailer Joshin is having a special sale on the e-commerce website Rakuten, and that’s a rather juicy one, offering the OLED equipped older model of the Vita for 4,595 yen delivery included. That’s the equivalent of just under $47.

The catch is that the sale is available only in Japan (the English version of Rakuten doesn’t list it), and only 30 units will be on sale, exactly for 59 minutes starting tomorrow morning at 9 AM Japan Time.

If you live in Japan and still don’t have a Vita, it’s surely worth a shot. Mind you, it may not be easy, because those 30 units are probably going to be sold out in mere seconds.

You can check a screencap of the sale just below, for the posterity.


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