Saints Row IV is number 1 in the sales charts

There have bee some serious shake ups in the charts this week.  The top three are all new entries into the top 10 and the top 40 as well.  This is quite different from the normal shuffle around we have on a week by week basis.

Into the number 1 position goes Saints Row IV.  This game has enjoyed a series of glowing reviews despite its biggest rival GTA V being just around the corner.  Reviewers praised its wacky concepts and over the top gameplay.  For people looking to fill a gap in heir games library this is highly recommended.

The second position spot goes to Splinter Cell: Blacklist.  Saints Row 4 and this game both launched at the same time so have had a strong fight against each other for the top spot.  Again the game has received rave reviews and is recommended to all for its brilliant multiplayer and coop components, as well as the  stealth focused single player gameplay.

Screenshot from Saints Row IV

Screenshot from Saints Row IV

Bronze position is taken up by Disney Infinity.  The game is more focused to the kids market than the hardcore gamer, but it still seems that a lot of people have picked it up for some summer gaming.

Other movers in the chart include last weeks number 1, Payday 2.  The game has taken a 17 position drop since last week.  It seems that the hype train has come to a halt with this one.  Despite this, Payday 2 has enjoyed fantastic sales and great reviews from critics.

Last weeks titles in the top 10 continue to swa and change around their positions.  These titles include Minecraft, FIFA 13 and The Last Of Us.  The only other new entry into the top 10 was The Bureau Xcom Declassified.  Unfortunately this has debuted in 10th after a poor reception and sub par reviews from the gaming community and critics.

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