Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida Talks About Expanding PlayStation Cloud Services to PC and Other Devices


The first stage of the deployment of PlayStation’s cloud services will happen in 2014 by streaming PS3 games to the PS4 in North America, but Sony is thinking much bigger, as explained by SCE Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida in an interview on Dengeki Online:

Speaking of the ultimate goal, we would like to deliver PlayStation games to all devices. So we’re considering various things like PC, TVs, Blu-ray players, smartphones and tablets. We hope to continue to expand not only to Sony devices, but even to devices other than Sony’s. This is still being studied.
We previously spoke about PlayStation going from hardware to something closer to a service, regardless of the device — Of course PlayStation will still be the center, but I think we would like to expand to different things.

The idea of being able to play PS4, PS3 and PS Vita games directly on our PC or smart TV, or even on a smartphone, is pretty intriguing, but it’s good to know that Sony still wants PlayStation to be the center of its business for those of us that want to actually own the console and the games.

An even more intriguing thought is the idea of possibly being able to use such devices directly for remote play, even if Yoshida-san doesn’t directly talk about that, once you accept the idea of streaming games to any device, it doesn’t take much of a stretch of the imagination to get there.

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