Shuhei Yoshida Gives More Info on The Last Guardian, Blames Jack Tretton for Misleading Everyone

A couple weeks ago Shuhei Yoshida told Famitsu that the mysteriously disappeared PS3 title by Team Ico The Last Guardian is still in development, and today he gave more info on what’s up with the game in an interview on GamesIndustry International.

When asked if the game was still being developed in the building where the interview was taking place he confirmed:

Yeah, in this building!

He was also asked what console the game will be released on, but the response was rather obvious:

Ahh… That, I cannot talk about.

The interviewer argued that it wouldn’t make much sense to release the game on PS3 this late in the console’s lifetime, and said that the developers have PS4 DevKits in their offices because he heard them talking about it. Yoshida-san explained:

So, we’re waiting for the right time to re-introduce The Last Guardian in an appropriate way. I can’t… Well, the game is in development, and it’s well staffed, and Ueda-san is here, working – even though he’s not a Sony employee, he’s dedicated to the product. But we’re not ready to update yet.

Finally, Yoshida-san was asked if the “hiatus” the game’s development was allegedly put on is now finally over.

Hiatus, I never… It was Jack Tretton! He used that term, and I said no, hiatus is misleading. It was a hiatus in terms of releasing new information. The game has never stopped – the team has always been here. They’re going through the re-engineering of the game, so the team size is smaller, because it’s more engineering focused right now.

“Re-engineering” to me definitely sounds like moving the game to the PS4, but of course we have no way to know that for sure. We’ll have to wait and see. In the meanwhile we can all be relieved by the fact that game is still worked on by Fumito Ueda himself.

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