Sony: “We Will Not Rest Until the PS4 Is Affordable for Every Gamer in Brazil”

We all know by now that the PS4 in Brazil is going to be mindbogglingly costly (the local equivalent of $1,884), but at the press conference currently going on at the Brazil Game Show in São Paulo Sony Computer Entertainment promised that things will change.

At the very beginning of the conference Sony Computer Entertainment Latin America General Manager Mark Stanley walked on stage and immediately admitted that the price of the PS4 in the country is a problem. He then mentioned that PlayStation always delivered on its promises in Brazil, including the reduction of the price of games and of the PS3. He finally concluded by promising that the company will not rest until the price of the PS4 is reduced to a more affordable level.

We will not rest until the PS4 is affordable for every gamer in Brazil.

Of course we don’t know when that will happen, or what “affordable” means, but if you live in Brazil, now you know that there’s hope.

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