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GTA V: How to Use Michael’s Special Ability


Michael’s special ability in GTA V seems pretty self-explanatory – slow down time, shoot dudes easier. However, there are a few things you can do to maximize its usefulness, giving you the edge over police, the FIB or whoever else Michael is taking his mid-life crisis out on.

Refilling the Ability Bar

Michael is the most professional of the three and has been involved in criminal activity for a long, long time. This means that he is a crack shot, and his special ability allows him to slow down time when on foot, mimicking Max Payne 3’s bullet-time. His ability bar can be refilled by scoring head-shots, stealth kills or driving at high speeds. Realistically you are unlikely to be performing many stealth kills while rampaging about town, so you’ll need to be really careful with how you place your shots if you want access to slow-motion. This means that shotguns and explosives are out of the question. You can use a sniper rifle to pop some enemies in the melon as they run towards you to build up your ability bar – this works especially well if you get behind cover on a rooftop. Stick to the first sniper rifle you get, as it has a faster firing rate and does enough damage to kill most enemies with a single shot wherever you hit them. Once your foes get too close the assault rifles and other automatic weapons are your best bet. Get behind cover, wait until there aren’t many enemies with a bead on you and then take the shot. Short, controlled bursts work a lot better than wildly firing like a mad-man. Pistols and SMG’s aren’t a bad choice once people get close. The fast driving is pretty self-explanatory – if you’re running from the police, put your foot down! If you don’t have much juice for slow-motion but know you’re about to get into a fight, there are worse things you can do than tear around the freeway for a minute to charge up.

Using On-Foot Slow Motion

Now you’ve got a full, glowing little yellow bar, how do you use it? My advice is to try not to use more than half of it unless you absolutely need to, so you always have some in reserve. It is at its most useful when there are a lot of enemies in the open with no nearby cover, as you can just calmly take head-shot after head-shot without having to wait for enemies noggins to pop back up. If you start firing using the ability but then realise there are no visible targets left, turn off slow motion and wait until you have a line of sight. It’s very important to conserve your ability as much as possible, especially in big fights with the police. For this reason you shouldn’t use either the normal or sawn-off shotgun – they have to be pumped between every shot and in slow motion that takes an eternity. If you insist on using a shotgun, go for the automatic version. In general its best to stick to automatic weapons with deep magazines – extended mags are a definite plus. The LMG’s are really the best as they won’t need to be reloaded, but you have to be careful to actually aim and not just hold down the trigger. If you want to assault your enemies head-on then try using a weapon with a bit less recoil and run towards them holding down RT/R2 – just make sure to head for cover in preparation for the bar running out. Another trick, if you don’t feel like being super accurate or are overwhelmed by a ton of enemies, is to go into slow mo and shoot everyone in the legs. This will knock them to the floor. They may carry on shooting you but it will give you a few vital seconds of breathing room to get the hell out of dodge.

Another less important but very entertaining use of slow-mo is to watch Michael fall down and off things. If you jump and then press B/O while in the air, Michael will dive forward head first. Just try going to the top of some stairs then diving face-first down them in slow-motion. It is hilarious.

Using Slow Motion on Vehicles

As a rule, it’s not worth using explosives while in slow-mo as they are too fire or throw, unless you’re taking a lot of fire and need to take out a helicopter. On the subject of helicopters – use slow motion and the carbine or assault rifle to take out the pilot with a single shot to the head. Don’t forget to press the right stick in to get that little bit of extra zoom! If you’re feeling like a crack-shot then try the same with the sniper rifle. The same can be applied to approaching vehicles – get a headshot on the driver and most of the time the car will stop. Sometimes the passenger in a police car will chuck his buddy out of the door and take the wheel himself, so take them both out if you can. Finally, slow-motion is a great way of taking out tyres if the police start coming after you but you don’t want a three star wanted level – make sure to aim for the black of the tyre – if you just hit the wheel the tyre won’t burst.

Parting Thoughts

Michael’s ability makes him very effective in on-foot combat but leaves him vulnerable when driving. Michael has the least starting strength of the three protagonists, so can’t take as much damage as Franklin and Trevor. For this reason it is very important that you take out anyone who might have a bead on you before you start getting into a car, otherwise you will take a lot of damage and possibly be killed. You can increase your strength by getting in fist-fights or playing sports like tennis to minimize this disadvantage. Play to Michael’s specific skill – shooting fools in the face – and you will have great success. Just be wary of getting in and out of vehicles and make sure to stay in cover!

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GTA V: How to Use Franklin’s Special Ability


Franklin’s special ability in GTA V shows off his skills as a wheel-man by letting him make ridiculous manoeuvres at extraordinary speeds with ease. It may seem like nothing more than a tool for getting around with style, but there are a few things that you might not realise about this ability that makes it the perfect tool when confronting the police, Ballas or anyone else trying to stop Franklin hustling his way to the top.

Refilling the Ability Bar

Franklin loves cars and bikes and is a skilled driver, making him able to slow down time while driving. This also makes vehicles much more manoeuvrable, allowing him to make incredible getaways at extremely high speeds. He can recharge his special ability by driving in the oncoming lane when in traffic, having near misses with other vehicles and driving at high speeds. It’s pretty simple – drive on the wrong side of the road and terrify other road users by missing them by inches, all while barrelling along with your foot firmly planted on the floor. Motorways are a great place to do this as there are a lot of cars going very fast in your direction, giving you plenty of near-miss opportunities. Obviously trying to pull these manoeuvres off is risky business, so make sure to be ready to activate the special ability that you’re building up at a moments notice if a truck changes lane when you’re not expecting it or a police car comes flying across the central barrier intent on ruining your day.If you keep crashing into everyone and flying out of your windscreen regardless of this advice, you should probably consider sticking to the right side of the road and just going for high speed and near misses.

Using Slow-Motion Driving

Franklin’s ability to slow down time while driving extends to any land vehicle with an engine. This means that vans, ATV’s, motorbikes, golf carts, dune buggies, big rig trucks, construction vehicles, tanks and more can all be used in slow-mo driving. Unfortunately, push bikes, boats and jet-skis, submarines, planes, helicopters and blimps are limited to normal speed and manoeuvrability.

The obvious use for slow-motion driving is to weave in and out of traffic, avoiding crashes and keeping your speed and momentum. Use it as much as you like in general driving, but when you’re in a chase, a race or on a timed mission, try to only use it when you need to and try to keep half a bar for emergencies. If you need to get somewhere fast for whatever reason you can use the special ability to take ridiculous corners at high speeds. You can take 90 degree turns easily in most vehicles when you use the in-car slow-mo, so just wait until you’re a couple of car lengths away from the turn you’re trying to make before activating the power, and then cruise around the corner like a pro. Taking corners wide makes this even easier. Franklin’s power isn’t quite as effective when riding motorbikes – the slowing down of time remains the same as when in a car, but the increase in manoeuvrability isn’t as huge. It still makes it a lot easier to weave through traffic though, and is great to use on motorways and other busy roads.

There are a handful of objects that will stop you in your tracks if you crash into them. The most common (and irritating) are waist-high barriers around certain roads and in the middle of motorways, and various obstacles at train tracks and crossings. Use slow-motion when trying to cross main roads and when crossing railway lines in the city. It will make things a lot easier for you and help you to avoid a lot of potential frustration. Slow-motion driving can also be triggered in mid-air. If you’re going over a jump and you need a little extra time to maneuver your car for the landing, just turn on slow-mo and you’ll slowly float down to your landing spot.

Slow-Motion Drive-By Shooting

When driving in slow motion you can still fire weapons. This means that Franklin can shoot people in slow-motion just like Michael as long as he is in a suitable vehicle. This is incredibly useful and is a great way to take out pursuing police or other enemies, whether by shooting them in the head or shooting out their tyres. You can even try to shoot police in helicopters in this way, though none of the guns you can fire while driving have very long range. Stick to the pistols rather than the automatic weapons if trying this and really try to get those head-shots. If helicopters are flying low and near to you then you can sometimes get them with a well-timed sticky bomb explosion. While on a motorbike you can fire the sawed-off shotgun in addition to the pistols, stun gun, uzi and explosives that you have access to in a car. When firing at tyres, Franklin’s special ability plus the shotgun makes it almost impossible for you to miss. If you get in trouble with the Ballas down Grove Street or the police up in Vinewood Hills, then slow-motion driving and shooting can and will save your life. Franklin is actually much better off in a car than out of one when the bullets start flying, just as long as you can keep moving.

Parting Thoughts

This ability is probably the most useful of all three, especially in general, non-combative gameplay. It is also incredibly fun to mess around with. Try running people and animals down in slow-motion (if you enjoy that kind of thing) in a variety of vehicles. This can be particularly fun when using either the cinematic camera, the look-behind camera (hold right stick down) or the first-person camera. Each allow you to enjoy the Natural Motion powered physics system from a different angle.

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